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Cornett, Jr. McDonald Contract No. Introduction 1 2. Summary of. Printouts of Sampling B-l C. Plant 2 2 Schematic diagram of Boiler No.

Reports submitted by the community are addressed on the basis of priority and available resources.

It needev equipped with an economizer and mechanical dust collector. A single pitot tube between the Method 5 and 5B sampling probes was used to measure the flue velocity for both trains. In addition, simultaneous Method 3 samples were taken from the exhaust of both the Method 5 train and the Method 5B train, and the were used as an indicator of the precision of the Method 3 sampling and analysis.

Uncertainties in the particulate, sulfuric acid, and sulfate masses are not included.

Concentrated liquor Adjustable. H20 The purpose of Peori sampling program was to provide background information on well-controlled industrial boilers for the develop- ment of new source performance standards. The filters and dried acetone washes of the Method 5 and 5B runs were weighed, baked, and weighed again; this process was repeated until the sample weight did not change more than 10 mg between successive weighings.

Boilers 19 and 20 have similar capacities and schematic air flow diagrams. Coal sampling site at Caterpillar Tractor Co. Neesed cause for low sulfuric acid concentrations is uncertain.

Dual-probe sampling train, 28 Method 5 and 5B sample volumes of at least 1. Analytical Data E-l F. This work was performed for the Emission Measurement Branch of the U.

Peoria sb needed

The pressure drop will vary with gas flow, liquor flow, and insert position. Sulfur dioxide is absorbed into a "concentrated" alkaline liquor containing sodium ions from soda ash about 1 molarsulfite and bisulfite ions from absorbed S02 about 0. Nfeded D contains sample analysis data and a summary of the of the quality control and assurance procedures.

Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the installation showing the locations sampled.

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The site meets all criteria for an acceptable measurement site for particulate traverses under EPA Method 1 and Method 5 procedures, except for the unusual shape of the inside of the stack. The acetone rinse was bottled. Half of each sample was saved and the rest was analyzed. A relatively constant flow is essential to maintaining steady scrubber operation. Traverse Girls for friendship.

Swinging. locations at Caterpillar Tractor Co. Bs they soaked for at least 12 hours, they were ultrasonically extracted for 30 min- utes.

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A portable Teledyne instrument was used to measure oxygen content just after the economizers. The samples were stored in labeled bottles.

Peoria sb needed

Normal fluctuations in steam demand at the East Peoria plant caused changes in the steam production rate which were compensated for by adjusting steam blowoff. The individual grab samples were taken by Most of the data was recorded at 15 minute intervals and these log sheets are in Appendix C.

Peoria sb needed

H2O The boiler and scrubber were operated in a normal manner, at a relatively steady state. Then the filter in isopropanol was ultrasonically extracted for 30 minutes. It consisted of three simultaneous runs of Methods 5 and needwd downstream of all pollution control equipment.

Peoria sb needed

H9O Computer printouts of the particulate, sulfuric acid, and sulfate emission rates are provided in Appendix B. The City makes no warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of third party content and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for third party content. Scrubber System Each boiler is equipped needded a dual-throat venturi scrubber for particulate and S02 control.

Milestone bill to clean up coal ash pollution in illinois becomes law | earthjustice

Sample volumes of at least 1. The samples weighed about 3 pounds each. This table also summarizes what percent of the differences between Method 5 and 5B particulate emissions baked can be ed for by differences in the amounts of sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid and sulfates combined measured on the baked samples collected by Method 5 versus 5B.

The instrument is calibrated regularly by plant personnel. Method 3 integrated bag samples were taken from the exhaust of the Method 5B train.

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Fluctuating steam demand causes pressure variations in the steam lines that affect the accuracy of the steam production monitoring equipment slightly. Integrated Method 3 samples were taken from the exhaust of the Method 5 and the Method 5B trains. Figure 8 shows the device used for coal sampling. A special dual-probe stack test system was used for stack testing by Methods 5 and 5B simultaneously through the sare individual stack ports.

Table 9 through 11 are a compilation of these data. These spot checks are tabulated in Table 9.

Industrial boilers, emission test report: caterpillar tractor company, east peoria, illinois

Plant 2 2 Schematic diagram of Boiler No. At this time of the year the water vapor from the scrubber condenses as the boiler gases exit the stack. A relatively constant inlet air flow was a reliable measure of steady boiler load and steady flue gas flow rate.

Peoria sb needed

Bottom IVm i :. Nine simultaneous runs of Methods 5 and 5B sampling were made at the stack downstream of all air pollution control equipment.

Peoria sb needed

The second sample was labeled as if it came from a fourth stack sampling run with separate records kept showing that it actually was a duplicate of the sample for Run 1. Accuracy of the Data - The control room data logger records data to one decimal place, and this format was repeated in Tables 9 through Sulfur dioxide is absorbed into the liquor while fly ash particles adhere to the liquor drop- nedeed.

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As coal feed rates were controlled by the air-to-coal ratio, a relatively constant inlet air flow was a reliable measure of steady boiler load and steady flue gas flowrate. Run 12 was stopped after 60 minutes of sampling due to failure Peogia of the probe to maintain temperature. The average values are also reported for each run.

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